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The lower cylinders are 80mm in height × 60mm length × 55mm width, and the top cylinder of the X1 stem measures 30mm in height and 28.6mm in diameter.

The X1 is made from 7075-T grade aluminum alloy composed of zinc and copper. Compare to standard 6061 Aluminum, it is 8 times stronger; Compared to grade 2 titanium, 7075-T aluminum is 33% lighter and has a higher tensile strength. The 7075- T6 aluminum is the preferred choice for the aerospace, marine, and transportation industries, where low weight and high-stress resistance are crucial factors. The tensile strength of this mixture of aluminum, copper, and zinc together with the t6 process makes it have an 83000 psi (pound per square inch) strength.

The x1 stem fits all 28.6mm diameter bike fork tubes, quill stems, and Threaded fork tubes. All Standard Clamp (28.6mm diameter) BMX stems with the right dimensions can fit the X1 Stem.


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